Deze 25 rappers voelden zich ooit 2Pac

We kunnen wel zeggen dat 2Pac één van de meest legendarische rappers uit de geschiedenis van de hiphop is. Tot de dag van vandaag, bijna 20 jaar na zijn dood, staat hij nog steeds bij de meeste mensen hoog op het lijstje van de beste rappers. Pac komt ook vaak terug in de lyrics van vele rappers, zo vergelijkingen ze zichzelf met hem of gebruiken ze zijn lines in een andere vorm. Veteranen in de game als Eminem, Ghostface Killah en Redman hebben het gedaan, maar ook nieuwe namen als Migos, Young Thug en Chief Keef. We zetten 15 rappers op een rijtje die zich op een bepaald punt in hun carrière 2Pac voelden.

Track: The Recipe (Black Hippy Remix)
Line: “To live and die in L.A./Spend a week on Venice beach/I’m Tupac and Biggie Smalls”

A$AP Ferg
Track: OverDoz – Fuck Yo DJ
Line: “I’m sippin’ Hennessy like Tupac/But me and your bitch in the drop taking two shots”

A$AP Rocky
Track: R-Cali
Line: “Grindin’ like Tupac or Biggie, Poppa/Yeah, you outta but I’m hotter”

Chief Keef
Track: Chief Keef & Gucci Mane – Semi On ‘Em
Lyric: “All us like Tupac, Notorious, bitch I’m Big Poppa/If I see an opp, I spot him, shot him, bitch I got him”

eminem writing
Track: Just Don’t Give A Fuck
Line: “So when you see me on your block with two Glocks/Screaming, ‘Fuck the world’ like Tupac/I just don’t give a fuck”

Fat Joe
Track: DJ Khaled – We Takin’ Over
Line: “Feelin’ like ‘Pac, All Eyez On Me/Fresh bandana and I’m blowin’ mad trees”

Foxy Brown
Track: Come Fly With Me
Line: “Come fuck with me/I ain’t got a roof I got/Backshots when I ride on cock/Plus an attitude like Tupac got”

Ghostface Killah
Track: Wu-Tang Clan – Rivers Of Blood
Line: “Black magic, leave your fuckin’ skull in a soup pot/Makaveli, vamoose like Tupac”

Gucci Mane
Track: Thirsty
Line: “It’s Guwop like Tupac/Purple drank no Ci-roc/Need to buy a weed whacker for my new weed spot”

Ice Cube
Track: My Skin Is My Sin
Line: “I get around like Tupac, just bought a new Glock/And I want what you got”

J. Cole
Track: Rise And Shine
Line: “Medal of honor/I’m feelin’ on top like ‘Pac when he slept with Madonna/Hey, this is death before dishonor”

Juelz Santana
Track: Mixing Up The Medicine
Line: “Attitude like Tupac when Juice dropped/Still go to the dealer with the money in a shoe box”

Lil B
Track: Freedom
Line: “So if I die today by the weed smoke or gunshots/Just know I spread the peace for the whole world like Tupac”

Lil Wayne
Track: My Girl
Line: “And now I’m feelin’ like ‘Pac, me and my girlfriend/Death to all you other bitch niggas, hope ya world end”

Lupe Fiasco
Track: Building Minds Faster (Remix)
Line: “Then, think I’m Tupac, Bob Marley/Fela Kuti, Marcus Garvey/Them the real ones, light a lighter for ‘em/Let you know that I’m riding for ‘em”

Meek Mill
Track: The End (Outro)
Line: “One million, two million, three million, four/I can have a million dollars knocking at my door/Ridin’ in the passenger like Tupac Shakur/Only thing that’s different is this new Glock that roar”

Los van deze line, heeft Meek Mill natuurlijk ook de track Ambitionz op zijn album Dreams Worth More Than Money, die geïnspireerd is door Ambitionz of a Ridah.

Track: Peewee Longway – Thug Life
Line: “Feelin’ like ‘Pac in the 80s, Versace Versace it cover my body/Hannah Montana gone off a Scotty/20 Bitches running round the lobby”

Track: Migos – Body Parts
Line: “I feel like Tupac, it’s me against the world and I can’t be stopped/It’s me in the drop, came from holes in my sock and now I got guap”

Track: Gucci Mane – Mama We Rich
Line: “I’m posted with Guwop/I’m strapped up with two Glocks/Versace on my back/I’m feelin’ like Tupac”

Rich Homie Quan
Track: Make That Money
Line: “Never flex what you got/Fuck around get you shot/I got two Glocks/It’s me against the world, nigga feeling like Tupac”

Rick Ross
Track: Work
Line: “Take off my shirt and show my abs like I’m Tupac”

Skepta (1)
Track: That’s Not Me
Line: “It’s the return of the mack/I’m still alive just like Tupac/Girls in the front row, girls in the back/Spit one lyric everybody’s like ‘Brap!'”

The Game
Track: Special
Line: “You make me wanna peel you out them jeans when you rockin’ them/It’s ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ like Tupac and them”

Track: Muh Fucka
Line: “Nigga, I don’t give a fuck/Feelin’ like ‘Pac, gonna hit ’em up”

Young Thug
Track: I Mean
Line: “I mean, no having juice, feel like Tupac-y/I mean, I hit the club, makin’ tsunami”

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16 June


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