Dr. Spock uit Star Trek leeft voort in de lyrics van deze tracks

In hiphop worden regelmatig referenties gemaakt naar populaire TV shows en films. Zo is Dr. Spock uit de Star Trek series een veel voorkomende naam in teksten van verschillende rappers. Redman noemt zichzelf zelfs Funk Doctor Spock. Nu, met het overlijden van Leonard Nimoy, de acteur die de rol van Dr. Spock speelde, hebben we de beste Dr. Spock lines op een rijtje gezet.

Track: Cam’Ron – Shanghai
Line: “Give me that, blam!/That’s when the chink had flipped/Then grabs me like Spock on some Bruce Lee shit”

Track: DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes
Line: “I’m saying/Electromagnetic field it blocks all logic, Spock/And G-Shocks her biological clock”

Track: Wu-Tang Clan – Keep Watch
Rapper: Method Man
Line: “I’m killing instrumentals with that All So Simple Can It Be, boy/Shout to Lil Cease, B.I.G., boy/And Funk Doctor Spock, I mean Redman/That’s not Leonard Nimoy”

Track: Isaiah Rashad
Line: “I ain’t these other niggas, ’cause these niggas is fake/They ain’t popping shot, these niggas is Papa Doc/If I ain’t let the shine beam me up, then I’m riding Spock/No crying ’til I’m in a pine box”

Track: Jay Z – BK Anthem
Line: “You know I’m smarter than Spock, Vulcanially more advanced/So this aluminum will foil your plans/That’s how I’m doin’ ’em man”

Track: Lil Wayne – New Orleans Maniac
Line: “Young Money can’t die, bitch, we like Hancock/Yeah, I’m a Martian, what you saying, Spock?/I turn your beef into a ham hock”

Track: Jay Z – Do U Wanna Ride
Line: “Hustlers, prophets made our eyes stretch/So on some Dr. Spock shit, we started our trek”

Track: Onyx ft. Dope D.O.D. – #WakeDaFucUp
Rapper: Sticky Fingaz
Line: “When I speak, the hood got the ears up, Spock/And I’ma leave my mark and you gotta get hit with the Onyx”

Track: 2Pac ft. Daz, Kurupt, Method Man & Redman – Got My Mind Made Up
Rapper: Redman
Line: “Avalanche on your whole camp when I’m spliff-ted/Funk Doctor, who?/Spock, bitch, don’t get it twisted”

Track: Slaughterhouse
Rapper: Royce Da 5’9″
Line: “When I bless a joint, it’s like Spock/Came up in the spot and grabbed the beat by the pressure point/I got the Vulcan touch/I tell my bitch I’ma give up drinkin’ when she give her emotions up”

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2 March


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