Drake claimt dat Kendrick Lamar zijn verloofde mishandelde op nieuwe disstrack 'Family Matters'

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Na de disstrack '6:16 in LA' van Kendrick Lamar reageert Drake vierentwintig uur later met de track 'Family Matters'. Op de track haalt hij ook uit naar Rick Ross, Future, ASAP Rocky en The Weeknd.
In het begin van de 7 minuten durende video is een auto te zien vergelijkbaar met die van Kendrick Lamar’s debuutalbum ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ en op de schroothoop beland. Op de track refereert Drake opnieuw naar Kendrick’s verloofde, Whitney Alford:
You the black messiah wifing up a mixed queen And hit vanilla cream to help out with your self-esteem On some Bobby shit I wanna know what Whitney need All that puppy love was over in your late teens Why you never hold your son and tell him say cheese? We coulda left the kids outta this, don't blame me You a dog and you know it, you just play sweet Your baby mama captions always screamin, "save me"
Aan het einde van de track rapt Drake:
They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you beat up your queen The picture you painted ain't what it seems
Naast shots naar Kendrick heeft Drake ook zijn pijlen gericht op Asap Rocky. Over hem rapt ie het volgende:
Rakim talking shit again Gassed cause you hit my BM first n***a do the math who I was hitting then I ain't even know you rap still cause they only talking bout your fit again Probably gotta have a kid again before you think of dropping shit again
Ook The Weeknd krijgt het te verduren op Family Matters:
Weeknd music getting played in the spots where boys got a little more pride That's why all your friends dipping to Atlanta paying to just find a tour guide Abel run your fucking bread need to buy some more chains for some more guys Lemme find another street nigga I can take to the game, courtside Let me get a used Ferrari for a rapper take the n***a on a horse ride Anything to take the spotlight off the fact the boss is a drugged out little punk sissy from the northside
Naast Rocky, The Weeknd en Kendrick ging Drake ook dieper op Future en Metro Boomin in:
Pluto shit make me sick to my stomach, we ain't never really been through it Leland Wayne, he a fucking lame, so I know he had to be a influence' These niggas had a plan and they finally found a way to rope their way into it Two seperate albums dissing I just did a Kim to it nigga skim through it
Waar je dacht dat het ophield krijgt zelfs Rick Ross het te verduren van Drake:
What the fuck I heard Rick drop n***a Talking something 'bout a nose job n***a Ozempic got a side effect of jealousy and doctors never told ya'll n***s Put a n***a in the bars let a nigga rot kind of like your old job



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